Importance of SEO

February 4, 2019

Importance of SEO


From small to big, medium to large every business is present in Google now and doing contemporary techniques to increase their presence, brand value, and sales graph. SEO has been helping these kinds of businesses for the last 10 years since Google has become a tremendous source of traffic. Importance of SEO has been explained in this blog.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is the method to pop up your website on the first page of Google, irrespective of money present in your wallet.
It brings immense traffic and helps them to converts into potential customers. It helps businesses to ramp up their ROI. investments and brand values.

Facts and Fiction about SEO

  • It has assumed that only big companies having full wallets can do this but it is a total myth even small businesses can do and grow. “Sky is the limit here”
  • You don’t need to spend millions of dollars to win the market, you just have to follow the guidelines and have to be consistent. It can give you charismatic results.
  • It has been seen that people believe my industry or business is hard to rank, let me tell you ” whatever business you are in, you can rank it”

Importance of SEO

In this blog you will be knowing about importance of SEO, it’s impact in businesses, facts fictions of SEO and should be done for SEO.

  • Increase traffic

Everyone wants a good crowd to their store either it is online or offline since your website would be your online store or online office where you can pull good traffic by doing SEO

  • Brand Awareness

SEO helps businesses to make a brand of their products or services. The brand is like ” If people can see you, again and again, they will recognize your product or services” you need to maintain by giving good quality of services. So having a strong presence on the internet can give your business a good brand value without spending tons of money.

  • ROI

There is no doubt about ROI you are gonna get it. It ensures your profit higher than your investment and it would 10 times higher than it. 

  • Knockdown your competitor 

You may be oblivion but so many businesses have already jumped into SEO. You would clash your competitors so to knock down them online or offline competitors, a good SEO practice helps you.

Factors which is Important for SEO

  • Responsive website
    Your user could be disconcerting while crawling a not responsive site resulting in you would have a high bounce rate. So you need to ensure your website is responsive to mobile, desktop, and tabs.
  • Page speed
    Every second could cause you to lose 7% website traffic so you should check your site loading speed. It should be within 2 sec.
  • Good content
    Content is always the king of marketing, a good and shareable content can attract good amount of visitor
  • URL Length

Putting a big URL won’t help you. Your url should be small and simple and keyword targeted

  • Encryption

It is good practice to keep a website with https, it would help to get more priority from your competitors

  • Backlinks
    backlinks always play an important role in ranking. You need to work on link building it would give a referral traffic


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